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Blogage - The London Games Festival: Games Art Exhibition

If you know me, or follow my posts and online ramblings, you’ll know that I’m a massive concept art fan. And so last year I was lucky enough to go to the The Games Art Exhibition, part of the London Games Festival curated by UKIE, in association with Special Effecta charity that helps those with disabilities through video games and technology. Together they organised a fantastic exhibition of the art of popular video games in London’s City Hall.

On display were over 100 pieces, showcasing concept and promotional art from a broad range of games and AAA titles as Batman: Arkham City and Dishonored to icons like Metal Gear Solid and Sonic, and even indie and mobile games like Buddha Finger and Eufloria. One stand out gem is the Batman: Arkham City soundtrack. Framed and signed along with the actual sheet music.

Check some of the other photos taken:

The fact that this exhibition even happened was quite special, and helps the games industry’s battle to have gaming be taken seriously as an artistic medium.

I’m sure the exhibit would have helped move the art into a public domain outside of just the attention paid by dedicated gamers like myself. If you’ve played a good game recently, no matter what the genre, chances are some artist drew it into life

For me its always great to see the art behind games, which usually gets overlooked as just another part of the development process, be taken seriously as pieces of substantial work in their own right, and the artists recognised.

Anyone who knows or follows me, knows I’d encourage any fan of art and/or games to take a look at what incredible art books and fan sites are out there. I for one hope to see more of these events as time goes on.


Good art helps make a good game great! You might not always find game artwork hanging in galleries, but it’s always where it matters most, and that’s in the game itself.

In December 2012 London Games Festival organiser UKIE has revealed that its games industry art exhibition has raised a whopping £30,050.31 for charity SpecialEffect.